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My name is Kristi Hocamp. As a working mom of three active boys, I understand how chaotic life can get! Many of us yearn for simplicity but are also grateful for our very full lives! This was the catalyst for Life in Balance.


For over twenty years, I worked in technology, change leadership and operational effectiveness at large corporations. During that time, I led projects and people and coached teams to achieve great things. I helped create systems that improved how we worked, communicated, and the quality of our outcomes.


As my family grew, along with the demands of my career, I discovered that many of those skills I used at work could be applied at home, just on a smaller scale! I found myself creating systems for cleaning closets, organizing our family calendar and optimizing everything I could to save time, money and my family's sanity. 


Over the years, I have crafted many techniques to bring order to the chaos of life. And now, I want to share what I have put into practice in my own household with others. My passion is helping people create calm, beautiful and organized spaces that support their best life!


Please let me know where I can help bring YOUR life in balance.


Welcome to Life in Balance

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Located on the West side of the Twin Cities in Victoria, Minnesota,
Life in Balance offers customized consulting and coaching to simplify and improve your spaces.
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